Auto Repair Quotes

The auto repair quotes that you get for your automobile vary with the service provider. There are many auto service providers who are happy to give you auto repair quotes. You can either get them from the service provider in your locality or from the leading auto repair company in your area.

Before getting a quote, make a preliminary list of repairs that need to be done that you know of. If you are not clear as to what you need, you may end up spending wasted time and money of what could have been just a simple repair. Go to your local mechanic for quotes before deciding on where to take your automobile. They will give you an idea as to exactly what expenses are involved, and what repairs are critical, as opposed to not necessary. You may decide to stick with your mechanic or go to a dealer for repairs. Whatever you decide, you’ll have valuable information in your hands regarding the repairs that need to be done, and what one mechanic would charge to do the repairs.

There are also free checkup camps that are held at major car dealer manufacturers. Here, your car will be evaluated for problems at no charge to you. If problems are found, these events may even offer discounts on parts and repairs that you can take advantage of. They will also give you repair quotes that you can pass on to a repair shop.

If you know what is the kind of repair that is needed for your car, then you can get auto repair quotes online on websites dedicated for autos. All you have to do is type in information about you and your car and what repairs need to be done. You will receive instant auto repair online quotes. You can get auto repair quotes from multiple vendors and compare them to get the best deal.

Modern Auto Repair Shops Offer Much More Than Vehicle Body Repairs

Auto repair shops are about as much fun as going to the dentist. However, many shops today are taking the pain out of the process. Most repair shops offer coffee while you are waiting, and with scheduled appointments at times that suit your schedule, you don’t have to take a day off work to have your car repaired. Some shops are even open on Saturdays.

Many auto repair shops offer prevention and maintenance packages. These packages can include a look at the engine, transmission, brakes, steering, lights, and starter. As well, most packages will include topping up fluids; washer, anti-freeze, transmission fluid, power steering and an oil and filter change. Other items that may be checked on a maintenance check are belts, hoses, battery and water pump.

The chassis of the vehicle is given a check; the struts and shocks, fuel lines, brake lines and exhaust system. Tires are important to the safe operation of any vehicle. Most drivers don’t check the tire pressure often enough, and don’t recognize when tires are bald. A maintenance check will ensure that the tires are properly inflated, and have usable tread. Tire rotation is often included in a maintenance package, giving more even wear and increasing the life of the tires.

There are auto repair shops that offer a maintenance check for free, with a written report, so that you know the state of your vehicle, and know what to expect. There is peace of mind in knowing ahead which components are likely to need attention, before anything breaks down and requires major work.

Many auto repair shops offer the convenience of booking an appointment on-line. You choose a date and time that you will drop the car, and specify what service you want performed. As well, many auto repair shops with a web-site give details on the services they perform, which makes of cars they are equipped to service. Some shops make it easy to drop your car off before they open. Others offer courtesy drives to your workplace or home. Others have rental cars available if your repair will take longer than a day or two. Others offer a free tow with a repair. Some have a shuttle that will take you to a nearby mall or restaurant while you wait.

There are auto repair shops with web sites that offer an on-line record of repairs and maintenance on your car, with e-mailed reminders of oil changes and maintenance service. Those records can be accessed on-line anytime and give you and the shop a complete picture of the condition of your car.

There are other auto repair shops offering customer loyalty cards; credit cards that can be used at their locations, and accrue points with every purchase. Those points can then be applied against future services. Some offer senior discounts.

Don’t forget to ask questions about the services and prices offered. Make sure you get a quote, not just an estimate, or that the shop will phone with a quote before proceeding with work. Be clear about what exactly will be done and don’t settle for vague answers.

Take the time to check out an auto repair shop. They offer much more than vehicle body repairs

Online Auto Repair

The Internet is a powerful tool to access information on any subject area, and one can find an incredible amount of car care information with a click of a button. Furthermore, with the help of a regular web search one can also find network links to information about automotive repair, vehicle maintenance, automotive diagnostic data and labor estimates. There are also a lot of good online auto repair web sites with individual articles that can answer your questions on all sorts of auto repair and car maintenance topics, such as how to change your oil, the best way to bleed brakes, why a car might stall or be hard to start, what color your radiator fluid should be, or even how to drive a stick shift.

Some websites also provide users with platforms like blogs, chat lines and discussion areas where a person can share his knowledge related to auto repair, like experience changing ball joints, replacing an automatic transmission, or diagnosing the causes for a bearing failure. Many websites offer external links associated with auto repair, like installing a replacement ignition system, upgrading an exhaust system, or making auto body repairs.

Most of these websites offer general advice and one can download manuals on self-repairing small technical snags in automotive parts free of cost. However, some websites are subscription-based and offer detailed advice by expert technicians for a nominal charge. A user can access websites like Jonko Auto Repair Online,, AceAutomative,, etc. to get updated information on the auto repair industry, the prevailing rates for getting their car repaired and other information on auto maintenance.

Therefore, the next time you have a technical snag in your automobile, before visiting the repair shop, log on to various auto repair websites and gather information on the problem. This would not only make you aware of the problem at hand, but would also prevent you from getting cheated by your technician.

There’s More to Getting an Auto Repair Estimate Than Meets the Eye

When your car breaks down, it’s usually accompanied by a sinking feeling. You know that it’s almost a certainty that it’s going to be a costly affair which might easily throw a wrench into your budget. If you’re lucky enough to know a dependable and honest auto repair mechanic, at least you know you won’t be paying more than necessary. If not, you might be maxing out your credit card to get back on the road. Here, we offer some information on getting an honest and accurate auto repair estimate.

Just as with any type of business, you’ll find a mix of both ethical and unscrupulous auto repair shops. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to discern which are which in auto repair businesses. It’s a fact that dishonest shops have a number of tricks up their sleeve. For example, some shop owners instruct their mechanics to give an initially reasonable auto repair estimate. Most car owners take this estimate as the final cost.

Once you have your car in the shop, you’re stuck. While the original auto repair estimate was $200, once your car is up on the rack and the repairs are begun, you may get a call from the repair shop, advising you that the problem is more extensive than first thought. What started out as a starter replacement, has suddenly burgeoned into a complicated affair. Not only is the solenoid bad as well, but while doing a routine check on other components, it’s found that your battery is not getting enough juice. Now you also need an alternator. This is what you’re told. The cost becomes $400. You are now in a take it or leave it position. Your car is in pieces.

You can ask to have the bad parts returned to you, thinking that will offer proof that the work was really required. What you don’t know is that the unethical auto repair shop often stockpiles bad parts just for this purpose. The ruined part you receive may well have come from another vehicle! The mechanic, who is instructed by the shop owner to practice such deceit, wants to keep his job and thus goes along with the program.

So, how are you to protect yourself from this type of auto repair estimate scam? Car problems usually turn up without warning. If you have only one car, it’s imperative that you get it fixed immediately. However, you can spend just a few hours and substantially weed out the disreputable repair shops. Get online and Google ‘scams repair-shop-name your-town’. If the repair shop comes up in your results, check out those links. You may find complaints from angry customers on message boards and auto forums. Check the Better Business Bureau records for consumer complaints.

If you know someone who has auto testing equipment, ask them to check your car out. If the testing procedure indicates that your starter is bad and everything else is in proper working order, you won’t be fooled into thinking you need several other costly parts and additional labor.

Better yet, become familiar with your car yourself, before a repair is needed. Buy one of the Chilton’s books and learn the jargon. Study the diagrams. This helps avoid having a mechanic overwhelm you with jargon, faulty reasoning and other deceptive sales talk. You might well save a lot of money if you invest in some basic auto testing equipment that allows you to eliminate that alternator as a problem.

Although it takes a little extra time, it’s worthwhile to get two or three auto repair estimates from different shops. The estimate may vary substantially from one another. Surely there’s a reason. Inquire of each shop why a component has been included, or excluded, if that component shows up on another shop’s auto repair estimate. The attitude of the mechanic and the explanations offered can be revealing.

How to Choose an Auto Repair Shop

What should you look for when selecting a service shop?

The best advice is to ALWAYS ask for recommendations from friends, relatives, family, and other people you trust. Fellow employees and workmates are a good place to start. Best if you locate a reputable shop before you actually need one.

This way you avoid being rushed into a last-minute decision.


Shop around by using the telephone or Internet for the best deal, and then compare warranty policies on your repairs that need doing.

Inquire to see their licenses and note if they are current or not. If there is state or local law which requires auto repair shops to be licensed or registered.

A good idea is to make contact with your state Attorney Generals office or local consumer protection agency and see whether there is a record of complaints about a particular auto center.

Above all, make sure the auto shop will honor your vehicles warranty.


* Become familiar with your owners manual and follow the manufacturers suggested service schedule. A motor vehicle owners manual contains a wealth of information so it is a good idea to carefully read through it before you spend lots of your time searching in other areas. Why? Because the information that you seek could very well be right under your nose.

* It is a good idea to shop around for an auto repair shop before you actually need one; it will help when making decisions because you are not in rush or in a panic. Do not just pick the first auto repair shop that you come across. A little bit of extra effort and time spent in this direction can pay off in big dividends and wind-up saving you a bundle of cash in the process.

* It is always best to seek recommendations from friends and associates. The old-fashioned word-of-mouth reputation is still the best advice you can count on.

* Look for a tidy, well-organized auto repair shop, with cars in their parking lot of similar age and value as your own.

* All shop policies including labor costs, guarantees, methods of payment, etc., should be in open view to the public.

* Find out if the auto repair shop you are considering using usually does your type of repair, especially if you need major mechanical work.

* Are they a professional shop with a clean customer service area? Believe it or not a clean and well organized workshop is a good sign of a professional auto repair service. Why? Because it shows that they take pride in their work and want to provide the very best of service to their customers.

* Do they display any civic and community service awards, long-term membership in the Better Business Bureau, customer service awards. etc.

Put in a bit of extra leg work and research in this area, and it will reward you both now and with any future servicing and any costly repair jobs you may need to get done.

How to Avoid Dishonest Auto Repair Shops

Whether you live in Bend Oregon or Detroit Michigan, you could be the victim of an auto repair scam. Auto repair shops across the country are taking advantage of consumers like you and making millions of dollars more than their normal profit.

Now not all auto repair shops are doing this. The majority are honest and above board with their customers. However, this particular business type has the highest rate of scams and fraud of any other types of business. A recent study done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that American consumers lose tens of billions of dollars every year due to faulty or unnecessary car repairs.

Unethical mechanics find it very easy to convince car owners that unnecessary repairs are needed on their vehicles because most car owners know very little about their cars. Most often, they aren’t even aware they’re being scammed! This makes proving car repair fraud almost impossible.

Here are some typical auto repair scams and how to avoid them. Scams are sometimes hard to detect so be very alert to any signs or key words you see or hear as you’re talking with a repair shop.

Repair Scams on the Road

As you’re travelling cross country on the open road, you periodically need gas, air in your tires, or to get your oil checked. Some crooked service station owners will take this opportunity to scam you by dripping oil under your car, cutting fan belts or hoses, and even puncturing a tire. Then they’ll charge you a premium to do these repairs.

How can you avoid these “Highway Robbers”? The best way is to get gas, water, and air only at large, well-known service stations. Don’t pull into one of those small dingy gas stations with rusty cars strewn around the property. These are oftentimes far away from larger cities, way out in desolate areas. Plan your fuel and potty stops so you wind up in larger cities.

Repair Estimate Scams

Some consumers make the mistake of not getting a repair estimate in writing before the work is done. This scam occurs when the repair shop gives the consumer a very reasonable estimate when the car is dropped off, but when he comes to pick it up, the price is considerably higher than the verbal estimate. The mechanic will claim that some unforeseen problems came up and increased the bill.

How can this type of scam be avoided? For one, always get your repair estimate in writing. And make it clear to the shop owner that if any unexpected repairs are discovered during the main repair, you are to be notified about it and the cost to fix it before the work is done.

Following these tips will help reduce the chances of being scammed by auto repair shops who may work on your car.

Commercial Auto Repair

When a car breaks down or does not perform up to par, if it makes strange sounds while running or comes away from the scene of an accident with dents and scratches, a responsible owner will perform a thorough check of its parts and systems. If the vehicle is beyond the simplest troubleshooting techniques, it is best that you seek advice from the experts. Visit an auto shop that you trust so professionals can examine your car, identify the problem and fix it.

Commercial auto repairs can be defined as the kind of auto repair services that an auto shop offers. This kind of auto repair helps keep your vehicle in tiptop shape. Experts who provide auto repair services commercially have mastered the automotive sciences’ they know what is best for your car.

When you bring in your vehicle to the auto shop or when you use the services of a mechanic, the first thing that your car will receive is a look-over. Much like a consultation at the doctor’s, a look-over allows the mechanic to examine your vehicle extensively. A good mechanic will ask you some questions regarding your experiences with the car. He will most likely get your opinion on what you think is wrong with it. He will then conduct a series of tests to identify the damaged or malfunctioning parts. When he has completed his evaluation of your car, he will explain what exactly needs to be done. After he gets your approval, he will undertake the necessary repairs.

Of course, there is always a price to pay when you bring your vehicle in for commercial auto repairs. You have to pay a premium to get all the necessary work done, along with the additional charges for the auto parts or auto body parts that need to be replaced. For most owners, it can be well worth their money if their vehicles look and perform better in the end.

Auto Repair Advertising – Your Top 3.5 Ways To Win

Do you enjoy your auto repair advertising? Does it get your juices flowing thinking about writing another phonebook check? And what about those coupons? How fantastic are they?! I can just see the smile on your face as you think about paying some random company for the pleasure of losing money on each car coming through your bay!

Let me guess – there are not a lot of things making you want to skip off to the shop these days. And why should there be? Most customers seem angry, ignorant or price shopping… you have a gaggle of technicians needing constant monitoring… and to make matters worse you just found out that “Golden Newspaper Campaign” you fell in love with is really going to cost $3,500 a month!

Situations like these make me understand why so many repair professionals have a perpetual dent in their office doors… right at head level. So what’s the fix? You could throw money at it, but when you’re expecting to see a 4/1 ROI and you’re seeing 0/Massive, what would be the point?

The fix is actually easier than you may think.

Auto Repair Advertising Win #1: What Happens When Your Customer Calls?
This can be a cheap fix, and is frequently the most overlooked advertising solution by the majority of small business owners. Who picks up your phone? If they don’t sound intelligent, if they’re not warm and friendly, or if they’re a machine… kiss that new business good by!

Try playing a customer, call your own shop and see what happens. If you find your location lacking in certain phone finesse it may be time for some new tactics and training.

FYI: Do you have an answering machine or service? If not you should get one. Your customers are calling and not having the ability to leave a message is one of the biggest pains ever. (This pain is closely followed by NOT getting a return call!)

Auto Repair Advertising Win #2: What Do You Offer?
Advertising is expensive enough, but what makes it even more costly is not offering something people want. Think about it – if you’re sending out postcards telling the world about something nobody even needs how solid do you think your return will be?

Your quick fix is to ask your customers. Next time you’re chatting with someone pick their brains as to what would make them want to come back. Ask lots of those questions to lots of those people. You’ll be amazed what you discover!

Asking what people want and then selling it to them is the most fundamental form of business! Don’t guess. You don’t have to. They may not know right off the top of their heads, but if you start to ask questions, probe a bit, you’ll begin uncovering the truth.

Auto Repair Advertising Win #3: Your Website Looks Like What?!?!
You are online to get the word out. Right? You want that violent majority of local consumers thinking of you when they dance the Google… Yes? Let’s say they find you – what does your website offer?

You should have information ready to go when your customer comes clicking. Check your page… now look at your phonebook ad… now check your page… now look at your phonebook ad… do they look similar?

Remember: “normal people” neither know, nor want to know anything about their cars. The only time a person, outside of an auto enthusiast, cares about their vehicle is when it’s broken! Then what they drive becomes the sole focus of their universe.

Please also keep most of those ‘normies’ see auto repair as being ‘shrouded in mystery’. So if they do find you online… if you’re not Johnny-On-The-Spot with the info they may just click over to your competitors.

Auto Repair Advertising Win #3.5: (Bonus Round!) If you’re looking to cut down on your advertising budget, maybe trim some fat, but are worried about losing potential customers I have 2 places where you can start the cutting…

3.5 A – Get Out Of The Phonebook! It’s decreased in readership to a degree which makes it totally useless. And now with the availability of inexpensive, and vastly more effective online tools, continuing this spending is just like flushing the toilet.

3.5 B – Stop Using Massive Newspaper Ads! Like the phonebook, newspapers have decreased in readership to the tune of about 86%+.

Auto Repair Advertising Wining Game Plan: Put The Whole Thing Together

When you choose to implement these ideas it should look something like this:
Dropping the phonebooks saves you money –> Money saved is used towards answering machine and customer service training for reception –> the new business generated by having a ‘friendly front end’ allows you to ask more customers what they would like from your shop –> by paying attention to what they say, you not only improve your advertising offers, but you’re also able to improve your Internet presence… and in less than 3 months you dominate your local market and open a national chain…

Okay, the last part was a bit much, but it’s not too far fetched once you start to realize effective advertising doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. In fact, if you would like some other ideas, I’m offering Free Online Courses which you may find interesting. (Just click the link the bio box below)

Auto Repairs or Today Require Computer Knowledgeable Auto Mechanics

Auto mechanics of the modern era need extensive computer knowledge to be able to perform many types of repairs that automobiles need. In fact, all cars, trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles use computers to operate tasks from precisely spraying fuel into the engine for burning, shifting the automatic transmissions, performing tasks like regulating the air conditioner, alarm systems and even blow out your airbags in case of an auto accident or collision. The most sophisticated models have an even more sophisticated computer system. These computers perform tasks like a stereo sound system accepting USB, MP3, MP4, Bluetooth, satellite radio, DVD players, and multi-disc CD players. Other computers include body computers, electronic parking, electronic parking brake system, anti-lock, traction control, vehicle stability, suspension, headlamp systems, driver warning system, vehicle warning systems and tire pressure monitor systems. All types of computer systems require special diagnostic procedures and may require special equipment to access the fiber optic data connections as well as the other CAN system connections.

Computer diagnostics can be a science on an automobile. Many factors cause trouble codes and diagnostics are limited to the manufacturer’s designs and parameters. Some computer systems allow you to access specific data that may need to be checked to accurately diagnose a problem while other diagnoses require using tools like a lab scope, multi-meter or even a 12 volt test light. Some consumers have a misconception that an auto repair shop or auto dealer have equipment that can fully checkout a car or even a computer for a car. As an example, if a tail light wire is broken in the trunk, a super computer machine can tell you the wire is blue and broken 3 inches from the tail light bulb! This is false, computers on a car are very limited to the information they give, therefore, it takes practical skill to properly diagnose this scenario short. Auto mechanics are the key to a successful diagnose and repair.

Is computer reprogramming on a car possible? Yes, in many cases, computer programming and reprogramming is necessary. From programming a steering sensor to setting up your vehicle theft system, computer reprogramming is a must on all types of auto makes. Special aftermarket equipment can be used, in many cases, to program different computer systems. In some cases, the factory scan tools are the only way to reprogram the computer. Some of the software is available to the auto repair shop via internet or DVD. Other software is built into diagnostic scan tools built to have the necessary programming aspects within the tool. Some reprogramming can be easily performed at a hi-tech local auto repair shop, while some reprogramming is limited to the dealer only.

Hybrid cars are very computerized. From starting the car to driving the car, every second is calculated by several computers to maintain the objective of saving gas. These cars use 2 styles of batteries. One battery controls the vehicle including the computer systems, lights and typical automobile functions. The other battery has high voltage that is used to propel the car with electric power. The charging, starting and driving is computer controlled and regulated. Diagnosing and repairing the hybrid cars is far more complex than the typical vehicle. Many computer systems communicating to operate the hybrid models require a computer skilled mechanic to properly diagnose and repair.

Auto diagnostic scan tools are a must for auto repair shops. Everything from warning lamps to oil change/ service resets require automotive diagnostic scan tools. Scan tools can check specific systems and help the auto mechanic with which way to go for the necessary repair. Some vehicles require a scan tool just to change the brake pads! Computer desktops and laptops can me retrofitted to replicate or become the factory scan tool for the specific car. All of the setting up procedures and diagnostic procedures require a computer savvy auto mechanic with high level of skill and patience. With cars becoming more complicated and incorporating operating systems and hard drives, auto mechanics will have to have major computer skills to be able to keep up with the futuristic cars to come.

Auto Repair Warranty

Individuals who haven’t had to deal with auto repairs and overpriced shops should feel lucky. If you fall into this category you haven’t had the chance to experience this dreadful situation, especially if you don’t have an auto repair warranty. This can have a major effect on your finances, and maybe purchase a Huffy bike or take the bus instead. However, the majority of us believe that a vehicle is a necessity, so it’s important to have the proper coverage.

Even if you think your vehicle is as dependent as can be, there will be a time when something goes wrong. You definitely don’t want to deal with all that wasted time and energy, the monumental amount of stress, as well as the issues that come up financially. Then again, there are some people who make the smart auto repair warranty purchase. You might know this as:

• A vehicle service contract
• An extended auto warranty
• Or mechanical breakdown insurance in states like California and Oregon

Just by having an auto repair warranty you can get the protection needed to keep from getting hurt when unexpected issues occur.

After all, nowadays you have to keep track of your finances thanks to the constant economic roller-coaster ride. When people initially think about cutting corners they think about cutting coupons. While this is a good route to take, you can only save so much money. When you need a discount for something major like auto repair, $15-$20 off isn’t going to make a dent in something that costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Over the years the kind of costs it takes to fix your vehicle has drastically increased. A lot of this is due to the vehicles themselves becoming more complicated with computers and various other features in them. In fact, we don’t see this changing anytime soon.

In order to prepare yourself for these rising costs, it’s highly recommended you add an auto repair warranty. This can cover those increased costs that revolve around parts and labor, but most importantly when your vehicle breaks down.

Just think for a moment and try to remember the last time your vehicle broke down and you were financially ahead of the game. Most of us can say something tends to happen when the savings is low or the paycheck doesn’t come for another few days. Then of course who can forget the moment right after you paid all your bills. It’s just one of the many reasons why an auto repair warranty is extremely important.

Even though you can purchase an auto repair warranty in full, it’s not in the best interest in a lot family’s budget. However, there are some companies that can help you out a little bit by allowing month-to-month payments. So if you’re strapped for cash then we recommend utilizing this type of option.

What it comes down to is if you have an auto repair warranty your mechanic will say; “It’s covered by your warranty,” which is one of the best feelings when something goes wrong with your vehicle. While this is nice there are also other benefits you will get with your warranty:

• With one call you should have 24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance to tow your vehicle to the nearest repair facility
• Trip Interruption to take care of your room and board if you’re stranded overnight
• Rental Car coverage to get you in another car and on your way
• Contract provisions that will cover the cost of both parts and labor for your repair

Just remember that if you’re going to get an auto repair warranty, we highly recommend shopping around. This will allow you to find the perfect fit for you needs. Best of all you can do it right from your computer at home. If you don’t want to spend the time search for all the information in different locations it would be a good idea to visit our website. The knowledge we have will truly help you find the best auto repair warranty out there.